Agro-tourism is becoming an increasingly popular idea for many. That's why many companies, entrepreneurs and private investors are deciding to enter the agro-tourism sector, but finding the right property to develop this type of business can be difficult. That's where Terraz comes in and where we can certainly help you.

Terraz - Real Estate and Agro-Tourism is your solution to find the best property to use for agricultural development projects or transform and leverage that property into a hotel business, or even both. We work nationwide to find the valuable property that perfectly suits your objectives. However, our ability to help you doesn't end there. Our aim is to help you maximise the return on your investment by supporting you in managing the whole project, and even running your own hotel and/or agricultural business if you so wish.

This is a thriving market, with a great return on investment, and our aim is to help you keep your passion and dream alive, freeing you from all the hassles of project development and management. What makes us different from others is that we are not here to impose our ideas on you. We are here to listen, understand and help you achieve your goals and objectives. Contact us today to find out how we can help you accomplish your dream.

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With over 30 years of combined experience in the sector, Manuel Maximiano (hotel manager), Rui Santos (agricultural engineer), their team and partners, have helped their clients find and develop the property they want. This has led many companies and investors to choose agro-tourism as a sustainable option for their investments. As Terraz - Real Estate and Agro-Tourism, we are a company that strives to help you achieve your goals in the best possible way and in the shortest possible time.

We build our business by supporting you in finding the property you want to acquire and develop, accompanying you every step of the way, and even managing the property if you wish. We strive, with you, to turn a good idea into a successful and time sustainable investment, helping you to make the right purchase and develop it from scratch.

In addition, we can collaborate with you in running the business, turning your assets into something that will create considerable value for you. Our aim is to be the right partner for you, so that your project is completed in the way that best suits you, respecting your vision, on time and on budget.

We focus primarily on connecting investors with project promoters. We connect our clients with each other to better serve them. This will help you secure, with greater ease, your goals to obtain a significant return on your investment.

What distinguishes Terraz - Real Estate and Agro-Tourism from the rest of the market is that we provide the right and personalized services to help you. We are dedicated and experienced in this sector and have been successfully connecting investors and clients for over 30 years. For all that, we are ready and eager to help you do the same.


Terraz - Real Estate and Agro-Tourism provide a wide variety of services that can assist you. These include:


Providing investment services that connect clients with construction, transformation or adaptation projects to help exponentiate the value of the client's investment, ensuring they get the maximum return on their investment.


Acting as consultants to help those looking to develop projects, creating a good business plan, finding a property, and presenting solutions, helping to implement them, managing the asset and completing the cycle.


Assisting clients in finding the property of their dreams, always focusing on its potential and suitability according to the project they want to undertake, whether for leisure, hotel or agricultural exploitation.


With us, you will always be accompanied by an available and dedicated team, either directly or through credible partners.


Monitoring and managing the project with you from the ground up, ensuring that deadlines are met, budgets are maintained and projects are completed in accordance to the standards and initial plan.


Providing management services to our clients so that they don't need to find another organisation to help them manage their property. They can rely on Terraz for the operational management of their investment..

The goal of Terraz - Real Estate and Agro-Tourism is to assist you in the development of your property from start to finish. We help you with the business plan, find the property you want, assist you with the financing and acquisition of the property, the associated taxation and legal support, the transformation and development of the property, and even the operational management of the property. We are a full-service, 360-degree organisation.

Through our services, we want to be your partner. However, we don't want to be just at the initial moment, we want to accompany you at all stages. That is why our services are prepared to keep that partnership alive and dynamic at every stage of the process.